Multi-slotted Lingual Bracket

Anboini is a multi-slotted lingual bracket system that offers exceptional control in all three dimensions, which help us achieve board-standard finishes.

Multi-slotted Lingual Bracket - Anboini

For best result, effective control of tooth movements such as angulation, rotation, and torque is important in orthodontics. Therefore, Anboini bracket has three different types of slot: horizontal slot for main archwire, vertical slot for rotation control, and accessory slot for angulation control. In addition, tandem archwire technique can be used for anterior torque control during retraction.

Single archwire in single-slotted lingual brackets can generate only one moment of couple for torque control, while tandem archwire in multi-slotted lingual brackets can generate two moments of couple and additional moment of force for better torque control. So, multi-slotted lingual brackets can control 3rd order problems more effectively than single-slotted lingual brackets.

In lingual orthodontics, each bracket system has its unique design. Some brackets such as Kurz, STb, Clippy-L and Harmony have a horizontal slot (lingually opening slot) and other brackets such as Evolution and STb Square Slot have a vertical slot (occlusally opening slot). Incognito adopts vertical and horizontal slots in anterior and posterior teeth, respectively.

Why some brackets have a horizontal slot and other brackets have a vertical slot?  The reason is that each slot has its own advantages and disadvantages for three-dimensional tooth movement. If so, the answer is a bracket with both horizontal and vertical slots.

If the slot of the lingual bracket is compared to the driving system of vehicle, for example, horizontal slot is for front wheel drive (FWD) and vertical slot for rear wheel drive (RWD). Therefore, a lingual bracket with single horizontal or vertical slot is analogous to 2-wheel drive (2WD) car and a lingual bracket with both horizontal and vertical slots is to 4-wheel drive (4WD) car.

Because in lingual, we have many obstacles to overcome, the road to good lingual orthodontic treatment is never smooth. To run rough road satisfactorily, 4-wheel drive car is necessary. In lingual orthodontic treatment, multi-slotted bracket is the same as 4-wheeled vehicle. In conclusion, effective multi-slotted bracket like Anboini is the answer to overcome the difficulties in the rough circumstances of lingual.

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