Preformed Straight Archwire

Anboini is the only lingual system that provides a series of preformed straight archwires, which helps us make the treatment more convenient.

Preformed Straight Archwire - Anboini

Using upper 147 and lower 71 individual clinical lingual archwires from ideal setup models, 3 groups of the lingual straight archwire form were clustered. Therefore, 3 types (small, medium, and large) of the lingual straight archwire form are prepared, and one of them is used for maxilla and/or mandible.

In digitally customized lingual systems, robotically formed archwire is provided, which is very complicated. If the robotically formed archwire is lost or fractured during treatment, it should be reordered because it is very difficult for orthodontist to duplicate the complicated archwire. Orthodontists are not free from the systems during treatment. In Anboini system, however, you do not need to worry about that because preformed straight archwire is provided.