What’s Lingual Brace?

Lingual braces are orthodontic devices used to straighten teeth like traditional braces, but unlike traditional braces, lingual braces are fixed to the backside of teeth instead of to the front side.

What’s Lingual Brace? -

The lingual braces and the esthetic orthodontic treatment by the lingual braces were first introduced in American Journal of Orthodontics by professor Fujita in 1979 with the development of the bracket bonding resin. At first, the lingual orthodontic treatment was not considered as a routine treatment technique because of the limitations in indication and the lack of the satisfactory treatment results.

However, during the past 35 years, various lingual braces, indirect bonding systems, and treatment techniques have been developed and modified in Korea, Japan, Europe, and America to the extent that the treatment results obtained with lingual appliances are equally achieved with labial appliances and that the limitations in indication are almost vanished.