Why Anboini

Both Anboini and other hidden braces like Incognito and Harmony are completely invisible. However, there are some differences between the braces.

Here is how Anboini brace is compared to other competitor brace: 
  AnboiniOther Competitor


Completely invisible

Completely invisible

Manufacturing Process

MIM (Metal Injection Molding)

Die casting

Anterior Braces

Multi-slotted (horizontal, vertical,
and accessory slots)

Single-slotted (vertical slot only)

Treatment Effect



Customizing Process

Simple (manual)

Complicated (digital and manual)




  • Benefits of Anboini for Doctors

    Brace slot plays a key role in treating malocclusion, in which the orthodontic wire is engaged. In lingual (behind the teeth) orthodontic treatment, various types of slot such as horizontal and vertical slots are used for efficient tooth movement. Because other competitor braces are produced using die casting, one type of the slots is only installed in the braces.

    Compared to die casting, Metal Injection Molding (MIM) can produce complex-shaped three-dimensional precision parts. In the Anboini braces manufactured with MIM, multiple slots are installed and efficiently used for various tooth movement. Therefore, Anboini braces will make your teeth be perfectly straight.

  • Benefits of Anboini for Patients

    Why are other competitor braces becoming more expensive?

    Customizing process is necessary for hidden braces like Anboini and other competitors. However, there are differences between the customizing processes of them. The process of Anboini is manual and simple, but for other competitors it is very complex because digital and manual works are mixed (compare Anboini  to other competitor ). If it must be a lot of work to make something, the cost of it becomes expensive.

    That is the reason that other competitor is expensive, while Anboini is well-priced.