Anboini Solution

The Smart Lingual Appliance “Anboini System” is Patient-friendly Invisible Orthodontic Solution.

Anboini Solution - Anboini

If you prefer a custom-made suit by maven, then Anboini braces are for you.

We will inform you on why it is so.

Lingual braces like Anboini and other competitors should be customized for bonding to the patient’s teeth because the back side of a tooth is, unlike the front side, diverse and irregular. However, custom-made process (“customization”) of brace shows big differences between Anboini and other competitor (compared Anboini to other competitor).

With the example of custom-made suit, we will describe the big difference between them. Anboini brace is analogous to a suit designed, customized, and finished by maven, while other competitor brace is to a suit which is designed and customized digitally on computer, printed via 3D process, and completed manually by technician. Therefore, the customization of other competitor brace is much more labor-intensive and expensive than Anboini. Now, it’s up to you to decide which suit you choose.

The reasons why Anboini brace is patient-friendly invisible orthodontic solution are:

Being attached to the back side of teeth, the Anboini system is suitable for all those not wanting to show unaesthetic traditional braces for professional or private reasons.

The Anboini braces are customized for your teeth to ensure a perfect fit.

The Anboini braces have low profile and smooth contours because they are produced using MIM (Metal Injection Molding), which ensure a high degree of wearing comfort and fast adaptation to speech.

The Anboini system is also proper method for athlete because of not breaking lip and cheek by the external damage.

Cost of other competitor systems such as Incognito and Harmony is expensive because of complicated customizing procedure of braces, in which digital and manual works are mixed. We can offer lower price for Anboini system (individualized lingual bracket, preformed straight archwire, and individual transfer tray) than other competitor systems because of its simple procedure.

The Anboini braces have accurate slot tolerance because they are produced using MIM (Metal Injection Molding), which ensure reliable treatment results.