The back side of a tooth is, unlike the front side, diverse and irregular, making access difficult for bonding braces by direct vision. For the purpose of bonding the brace to its exact position, the indirect bonding system is recommended in lingual orthodontics, in which customizing process of braces is included.

By customizing lingual bracket, deciding the size of preformed lingual straight archwire, and producing individual transfer tray, a CLIB (Customized Lingual Indirect Bonding) method1 complements the Anboini system.

1.    Hong RK, Kim YH, and Park JY. A new customized lingual indirect bonding system. J Clin Orthod 2000;34:456-60.


Indirect Bonding Process 

  • 1. Setup model

    According to the doctor’s individual order form and Andrews’ Six Keys, high-quality manual setup model is produced.

  • 2. Brace customization

    From the setup model, Anboini lingual bracket is customized for each tooth. Using the special bracket-placement equipment, the brackets are bonded to the ideal setup with a light-cured resin. The torque, in-out, and angulation of each bracket are customized, based on the unique prescription for each patient. Customized torque and in-out are built into resin on each bracket base.

  • 3. Preformed straight archwire

    From the setup, Anboini lingual bracket is customized for each tooth while simultaneously the size of lingual straight archwire is determined for each arch. In Anboini system, 3 types (small, medium, and large) of the preformed lingual straight archwire are prepared, and one of them is used for maxilla and/or mandible during treatment.

  • 4. Individual transfer tray

    Then, individual transfer tray is made directly from the setup model to transfer the brackets precisely and efficiently to the patient’s mouth. Compared to transfer tray for groups of adjacent teeth, individual transfer tray offers enhanced accuracy, capability of being applied to all cases, and reproducibility of the ideal position for each bracket.

  • 5. Indirect bonding

    With the individual transfer tray, customized Anboini lingual bracket is precisely and efficiently bonded to each tooth, and treatment is conveniently performed with progressive preformed straight archwire changes.