Customization in Comparison

At first glance, other competitor braces seem to be state of the art because the braces are designed digitally. After the digital design of the braces, however, its manufacturing/customizing process is manual and labor-intensive, including rapid prototyping of the braces from wax, embedding, casting, polishing, and manual check of the slot dimension.

Anboini is a ready-made brace manufactured by MIM (Metal Injection Molding) method and is manually customized by maven. Customizing process of Anboini braces is much simpler than other competitor braces. Therefore, customization of brace shows big differences between Anboini and other competitor braces, as shown in the process diagram of indirect bonding system below.

Customization in Comparison



Other Competitor

1. Setup model


Manual or digital

2. Customization of brace

Using ready-made braces, the process is manual.


- No rapid prototyping
- No embedding
- No casting
- No polishing
- No quality assurance

After designing brace digitally, the process is manual.


- Rapid prototyping of brace
- Embedding
- Casting
- Polishing
- Quality assurance

3. Archwire

Preformed straight archwire

Complicated mushroom archwire

4. Transfer tray



5. Bonding brace

Delivery of the customized braces from setup model
directly to patient mouth

Delivery of the customized brace from setup model to
malocclusion model and then to patient mouth

If the lingual braces are compared to custom-made suit, for example, Anboini braces are analogous to manually custom-made suit by maven and other competitor braces are to digitally custom-made suit by computer. Nevertheless, other competitor is much more expensive than Anboini.

Do you want a custom-made suit made by maven or computer?
If you prefer a custom-made suit by maven, then Anboini braces are for you.

You can save much money by choosing the Anboini system (customized lingual bracket, its associated preformed straight archwire, and individual transfer tray), which will be arrived 5~6 weeks after we receive your order.