The Anboini System

"Anboini" is the only system in the world that combines completely customized multi-slotted lingual bracket, comprehensive line of preformed lingual straight archwires, and individual transfer tray.

The Anboini System - Anboini

Doctor-friendly Lingual Orthodontic Solution

The Smart Lingual Appliance “Anboini System” features fully customized multi-slotted brackets, preformed straight archwires and individual transfer trays to help orthodontists achieve board-standard finishes and make treatment conveniently.

The multi-slot characteristics of the Anboini lingual bracket makes three dimensional tooth movement effective and simple by selecting appropriate bracket slot.

The Anboini braces are customized for patient's teeth to ensure a perfect fit.

Using a series of preformed straight archwires, the Anboini system makes the treatment more convenient.

The Anboini braces have accurate slot tolerance because they are produced using MIM (Metal Injection Molding), which ensure reliable treatment results. With Anboini individual transfer tray, individually customized prescription which is made during laboratory procedure can be transferred accurately and easily to the oral cavity.

Cost of other competitor systems such as Incognito and Harmony is expensive because of complicated customizing procedure of braces, in which digital and manual works are mixed.

We can offer well price for Anboini system (individualized lingual bracket, preformed straight archwire, and individual transfer tray) than other competitor systems because of its simple procedure.